Giulio Maira

The festival was honored to host Giulio Maira in the square of Lacco Ameno. Hollywood is therefore coming back to Green Island. The boom of international productions in Italy makes the event of the world film summer richer than ever, with the arrival of over 120 stars. Two hundred titles, with free admission to the public, including premieres and special screenings at the Cinema Delle Vittorie in Forio and at the Cinema Excelsior in Ischia Porto. Moreover, other screenings in Piazza Marina in Casamicciola Terme and in Piazza Santa Restituta in Lacco Ameno. The festival can be followed online thanks to the platforms Mymovies and Eventive.

Masterclasses with the stars to be attended by young actors will be organized by coach Bernard Hiller. The Global Festival is held in collaboration with RiflessiRS ProductionsGivovaBanca IfisVulcano BuonoCaremar. Media partners The Hollywood Reporter and Rai – Radio2. This is one of many amazing events we are scheduling. Stay up to date with this year’s news and exclusive guests.

P R O F E S S O R  G I U L I O  M A I R A  A T  I S C H I A

I S C H I A  G L O B A L   F I L M  A N D  M U S I C  F E S T I V A L   2 0 2 3

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