Artificial intelligence is a revolutionary technology that offers unlimited possibilities of application, what will happen in our industry? We will find out together with Professor Giulio Maira and other esteemed professionals and scholars, who will try to give us an answer during the Ischia Global Film and Music Festival.

Is artificial intelligence a new tool at the service of our creativity or perhaps a loose cannon ready to explode in our industry and supplant a system? Find out with us in the live streaming on this Youtube channel!

Ischia Global Film and Music Festival is conceived by Pascal Vicedomini and put together with Giancarlo Carriero, Marina Cicogna, and Franco Nero. The project is supported by D.G. Cinema MiC and the Campania Region. Moreover, we have more than 1,400 authors who have already applied to participate through Filmfreeway.
It has succeeded in its intent to bring the island back to the splendor of the 1960s.

The festival in its 20 years of operation has hosted some of the world’s leading figures in film and music such as Andrew Garfield, Francis Ford Coppola, and many others.

This is one of many amazing events we are scheduling. Stay up to date with this year’s news and exclusive guests.