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Guide to the artistic sites

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museocastelloAragonese Castle

The Aragonese Castle (Castello Aragonese, Ischia Ponte) was built on a rock near the island in 474 BC, by Hiero I of Syracuse. In 1441 Alfonso V of Aragon connected the rock to the island with a stone bridge instead of the prior wood bridge, and fortified the walls in order to defend the inhabitants against the raids of pirates. Around 1700, about 2000 families lived on the islet. There were also thirteen churches. In 1912, the Castle was sold to a private owner. Today the castle is the most visited monument of the island
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Enjoying the quality of life

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Walks in the green of Ischia 

Ischia is a jewel with many facets to it. In every idyllic spot we can admire  spectacular views and discover the nature in all its beauty.

Centuries of country life, have marked on hills and slopes, paths that important guests walked. Real treatises, have been written about the healing waters of Ischia, famous during the Roman age, describing minutely, the beautiful landscapes, woods and gardens of the island.

Letters and poetries, told about delightful days that the tourists spent during the Ischia's holiday, leaving mark of an amazing place to re-discover walk again along the paths of the past. When we move from the more civilized part of the island, through old paths, natural oasis very beautiful and unique and poket-handkerchief plots, vinelands with the same techniques of the past, two thousand years ago. 

The gardens of the villas of the island of Ischia 

Many guests and experts of the island have created on the island our home, creating through the nature around beautiful villas and wide gardens immersed into the maquis or sheer into the sea. 

Gardens of La Mortella  

The most famous and known villa, the Mortella, open to the public for few years, after the death of its creator, Sir William Walton, very neat by his wife Lady  Susana Walton is an example of a specific architecture and respect for the protection of the environment. Situated in Zaro, one of the most amazing place of the island. The garden, created in 1996, has been pick up from a huge volcanic stone and it has been painted by Russel Page, important landscape architect of the century. The area is available and of 20.000 mq, includes 1000 kind of rare plants and represents with Villa Cimbrione in Ravello and the gardens of Reggia of Caserta an important stop for the tourists. 

Gardens of Villa Ravino  

A botanical garden, located in Forio-Citara Bay, resulting of 50 years of great passion and loving work of Captain Giuseppe D'Ambra, the owner of the Villa. Giardini Ravino is a botanical garden with one of the richest collection of cacti and succulents cultivated outdoors in Europe. 

Thermae on the island of Ischia 

The island of Ischia is not only rich in thermal springs with numerous therapeutic virtues, it also boasts a fortunate geographic position which guarantees ideal climatic and environmental conditions for restoring the body and the spirit on the entire island: the rocky cliffs of Epomeo, the vineyard cultivation on the gently rolling hills, the relaxing pine groves, the fresh sea breeze, the beaches and the abundance of suggestive panoramas make the ancient land of Inarime a sweet, enchanted garden where one can enjoy the benefits of the springs of eternal youth.

Thermal Parks

- Spring of the Ninfe Nitrodi

- Castiglione Thermal Park

- Giardini Poseidon

- Negombo Thermal Park

- Giardini Termali Aphrodite - Apollon


The Beaches

Ischia is with its 18 miles of beaches, bays and coves are the background of unpolluted landscapes and wonderful for their ancestral che fanno da sfondo a paesaggi incontaminati e splendidi nella loro ancestrale to be primivite, considered garden of Europe. Many of these beaches are accessible on foot ot thanks to convenient parkings, by car, others, like the San Pancrazio beach and Scarrupata beach create an adventurous way to get them only by sea , special excursions renting a boat (if you don't have it) to search to be away from the rest of the island at least for a day.

The warm hugs of the sun on the golden Ischia beaches, the sea have rich floor and coloured with different tone of blue mixing with the colour of the sky and the emerald green of the most beautiful gems in the world.


Green hills of the mountain of Epomeo and the hills below, the north-west slopes, maquis and from the season colours of chestnut woods.
In the shadow of these wonderful woods a rich under wood developed, according to the season of mushrooms, chestnuts, wild asparagus and grass, essential elements of the local kitchen in the past.
Great bargain, for the keens of excursions in the open-air, a wonderful walk among the maquis of Zaro, where the green trees are just on the sea and the woods of Cretaio and Falena, along the green slopes of the Epomeo mountain.


The pinewoods of ischia are four splendid parks, included into the public heritage for 20 years. They offer a real green oasis of an open space in the center. They rised as the result of the last lava flow in Ischia in 1302. Only three years later, the inhabitans returned on the island and waited 5 centuries to see rise a green mantle along the way marked by the lava. As long as to move to the hill of Campagnano to run the entire path, completely covered by sweet smelling pines in 1850, at the hands of dr. Gussone, manager of the Orto Botanico di Napoli. The pines were preferred were those 'domestico' in the shadow of which a series of typical plant of the mediterranean area developed. We'd glad to provide these spaces that, after having been unkempt for a long time, appear another time in all their beauty, testimony of a rich natural historical and cultural heritage. To make the relationship between man-nature more keen, we consider to divide the areas according to differnt elements: the pineta dei fiori (Nancy Bozzi), that of artisti and Orchidee, of ragazzi (Villari), of atleti (Fondo Bosso), Here, where the green combines in thousand colours, also the numerous cultural activities continue rising, with musical concerts, meetings, art exhibitions, theatre, cinema, so that the holiday is more and more pleasant and living and the life is rich in sweet-smelling of nature.

Festival Venues

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Piazza Santa Restituta, 1
80076 Lacco Ameno - Ischia (Napoli), Italia
Tel. +39 081 99 43 22 – Fax +39 081 90 01 90
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Corso Umberto, 38/36 
80075 Lacco Forio - Ischia (Napoli), Italia
Tel. +39 081 977487  
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Via Sogliuzzo, 20 80075
Lacco Forio - Ischia (Napoli), Italia
Tel. +39 081 985096 
Piazza Santa Restituta
80076 Lacco Ameno (NA)
PIAZZA MARINA, Casamicciola Terme
Casamicciola Piazza Marina
Piazza Marina
80074 Casamicciola Terme NA



The island of Ischia

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      Ischia is a volcanic island  in the Tyrrhenian, at the northern end of the Gulfo of Naples. It is almost entirely mountainous, with the highest peak being Mount Epomeo at 788 meters.The island has a population of over 60,000 people.

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